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Advanced Dark Net Forensics: The Law Enforcement Expertise Deployed to Disrupt the Underground
Four billion internet users access two billion websites using a variety of devices. The vast majority of this activity is legal, but criminal activity is rampant. Phishing, non-delivery of goods and services, identity theft, financial fraud, extortion, ransomware, and crimes against children are just some of the nefarious activities taking place.

The new frontier of cyber-crime – and therefore law enforcement – is the Dark Net, where age-old crimes like money laundering, drug dealing, and sex trafficking are executed. These activities are hidden from the public. You cannot Google the Dark Net, which operates layers beneath the surface Internet where most of us operate. Dark Net searching requires special software like TOR, which stands for The Onion Router, to peel back the layers of the Internet, the WWW, and the Deep Web, where an estimated 200 active Dark Net sites reside.

But even teams charged with enforcing the laws have gaps in critical technical expertise as it relates to acquiring, analyzing and reporting digital evidence of Dark Net crimes. And anyone engaged in gathering evidence can learn volumes from recent law enforcement investigations.

Join us for a discussion with two experts on the Dark Net as they provide an advanced discussion on a range of topics, from navigating the layers of “the onion” (e.g. entry, middle, and exit relay nodes) to lessons learned from cases in which law enforcement disrupted the underground.

Subjects they will address:

• The convergence of science and law in the gathering of evidence from the Dark Net.
• The application of AI in tracking criminals and evidence searches.
• Gathering evidence properly so it will survive appellate scrutiny.
• Gaps and needs in law enforcement expertise.
• Traps criminals set, mistakes they make, and those they don’t.
• Cybercriminal web forums and their role in the underground.
• Disrupting the underground – some past case successes.

Plus, answers to your questions via live chat!

Mar 10, 2021 10:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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